Pauli vastaa The Rasmuksen fanien lähettämiin kysymyksiin tässä!

15.04.2012 16:58 - - Luettu 5 660 kertaa

Radio Novassa vietettiin The Rasmus-viikkoa. Fanit ympäri maailmaa lähettivät bändille kysymyksiä. Here are Pauli's answers.

Hei, Milloin saamme kuulla Rasmusta suomeksi laulettuna?

Pauli vastaa:

- Mitä luultavimmin lähes joka keikalla. Tervetuloa! 

Moi Moi Guys!!
These question are for the 4 guys:
1.- What's your favorite book.

- My favorite book is Cyberias by Stanislaw lem

2.- What do you feel when listening your first albums and notice the huge changes between the first ones and the last one?

- Its really fun and it brings lot of memories to listen our old albums. great times!

3.- What's your best memory about the Mexico City concerts?

- The best memories about mexico is the people. I feel special connexion to Mexicans. It always feels like home somehow there.

Hi guys,

1. If you wrote an autobiography about your life, what would you call it?

- The rise and Fall of the rasmus

2. Have you ever had your tarot cards read and if not would you like them read?

- I like how tarot cards look like but I have never got em read.

Thanks in advance :) Me and Katie will see you on tuesday at the gig!

Jayne and Katie

- See you on Tuesday!

Moi Radio Nova! We are from The Rasmus Soldiers Brasil, a brazilian fan club about The Rasmus. Please, we would like to know two questions from the guys:

First: If could you choose, what would be the best album of your career, in the opinion of each one in the band and why? What was the album that you most liked to do?

- My favorite album is Dead letters and the new The Rasmus album. DL is just plain really good songs album and so is the new one  the new one was the most nicest to do.

Second: What was your biggest regret in the band's career?

- No regrets!!!!!!

Kiitos Radio Nova & The Rasmus!!! Greetings from Brazil <3

- Muacks muacks! I wish to come back to Brazil!!!

Questions for the guys:

1. Will there be a proper tour for the UK and not just one date?

- It all depends on UK radio and demand of the people and fans.
If there is demand we will definitely come I miss UK!

2. Have you thought what will be your second single yet?

- Stranger!

3. Do you plan on releasing the album in America?

- This also depends on the demand and propably if we get the song to radios

4. Will you play any summer festivals?

- Information will be updated to our webpage about this 

5. Who's idea was it for the new The Rasmus logo?

- Our friends who directed our music video did the whole desing for the album artwork including the logo

6. Will you play longer sets now that you have so much material to use?

- We will play enough  its gonna be fun to play new songs also

Hope you answer one, but good luck with the album launch and i will see you on tour!!

Jayne (MJ)

c ya!!!

(Radio Nova)

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